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October 13, 2005 - First Plasma Column on Target

After much plasma tuning, valve fixing, and magnet powering, DIONISOS experienced its first helicon plasma column. The RF amplifier supplied this argon plasma with 1 kW incident power, and recieved less than 10% reflected power. Magnets were powered up to produce a 300 G field. Click on the image to enlarge to a full view of the helicon plasma and column to the target.  Link to logbook entry.


April 22, 2005 - First Beam on Target

The Dionisos chamber sees its first beam. A 1.7 MeV beam of He+ ions was successfully directed down the Dionisos beamline, creating a visible blue glow on a scintillating glass sample. The picture on the left is a view of the sample as seen through a viewport on the vacuum chamber's side.


    The plasma-surface interface composes one of the most interesting and important fields of study in plasma physics, and in the application of plasma physics to magnetic confinement fusion research. Both the plasma and the material surface simultaneously change characteristics due to their interaction, and affect each other in a complex, nonlinear manner. This dynamic interaction leads to several effects, such as net erosion of plasma-facing surfaces, tritium retention in deposit layers and plasma impurity contamination, which are all estimated to limit the viability of long-pulse plasma fusion devices. However, in general, these phenomena remain relatively poorly understood, primarily due to the lack of proper plasma-surface diagnosis.


Three dimensional drawing of the Dionisos chamber. Ion accelerator injects and steers beam through port on left. The chamber uses a plasma generator and magnets to confine the plasma column to the target vicinity. Various high energy ion beams will be used to analyze sample surface evolution under the influence of magnetically confined plasmas. The Dionisos experiment and instruments, conceptual schematic drawing.

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