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Presentation Title
T. Ono
Okayama Univ. of Science
Computer-simulation studies of plasma-surface interactions
J. Brooks
Argonne National Laboratory
Low energy beryllium, carbon sputtering issues arising from ITER wall/divertor and related analysis
D. Whyte
U. Wisconsin
Outstanding questions from experimental observations of low-energy sputtering
T. Kenmotsu
Kibi International University
Theoretical studies for energy spectra of sputtered atoms due to low-energy light ions
R. Doerner
Angular distribution of sputtered particle in PISCES-B
P. Stangeby
U. Toronto / DIII-D
Divertor Plasma Carbon-Source Studies in the DIII-D Tokamak using Simple-as-Possible Plasmas
J. Marian
Simulations of carbon sputtering and plasma-sheath chemistry interactions at fusion reactor divertor plates
T. Muramoto
Okayama Univ. of Science
MD simulation of cluster ejection due to sputtering by polyatomic projectiles
N. Brooks
General Atomics
Dependence of experimental C I spectral line profiles on the release mechanisms of carbon
Y. Tomita
Effects of sputtered secondary particles on behavior of fine particles in boundary plasma
M. Coventry
U. Illinois
Low energy, light ion sputtering experiments of liquid Sn using IIAX
G. Wright
U. Wisconsin
DIONISOS: An experiment on the dynamics of plasma-surface interaction
J.P. Allain
Argonne National Laboratory
Measurement and diagnosis of low-energy particle interaction with multi-component surfaces